Have Computer, Will Travel
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Our rates for computer services are 75.00 per hour on site and 50.00 per hour at our premises.  The initial consultation is free.  If we can't fix it, you dont pay.   We offer the following services and more.

PC Troubleshooting and Repair -  If you have problems with Windows, Internet connections, or  hardware we can diagnose and correct problems without destroying files.  If the problems are hardware related,  we can replace defective parts and/or install updated drivers.

Hard Drive Upgrades -  We are one of the few companies in the area that can increase the physical size of your hard drive without any loss of software, configurations, or data.   When you get your PC back, your software will run exactly like it did before, but with lots of extra space.

Hardware Upgrades -
  We update computers by adding and/or replacing memory, all types of drives, network cards, USB ports, modems,  and other components.

Data Conversion -  We convert data to and from lots of different file formats as well as develop custom software utilities to automate your data input from files, applications or internet sites.

Networking -  We install and configure networking hardware and software. This includes cable, routers, servers, operating systems, etc.

Wireless Networking -  We do hardware installation and software setups and configurations for transferring files between computers and sharing internet connections.

Custom Built Computers -  While custom built computers are initially more expensive than name brand PC's, the computers we build are completely upgradeable, including CPUs and motherboards - and you can choose every component that we install!